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John Cunningham Real Estate Career History

John Cunningham began working as an agent in 2002 after spending many years working as a home building industry as a contractor. John’s history of negotiating construction contracts is a welcome attribution to all of his clients. Since joining the real estate industry in 2002 John has sold over 500 homes. John’s philosophy in real estate negotiations is simple; win win is a fairy tale, as someone always wins in real estate negotiations. John knows that his clients need to be on the winning side of their transactions, and does not forget that a personal residence may very well represent the largest asset that people have and that is exactly why every penny of every sales transaction is important to his clients.


How John Markets Homes

Simply put, there has to be more to selling a house than sticking a sign in the ground and throwing it on the MLS, and there are agents out there that do nothing more than that. John is different. John has a keen understanding of marketing the home on the internet as well as using timeless traditional marketing to help sellers and buyers reach their goals.

How John Helps Arizona Biltmore Home Sellers

Every home that John Lists is heavily marketed on the web: MLS, blog, custom property website for each home, professional photographs, Video, YouTube, Google Plus, FB, Twitter, and more. When it is time to market a home John pulls out all the stops and invests in that listing up front to make sure that his clients get a SOLD sign in the yard ASAP.

John also markets for buyers constantly and is able to connect buyers looking in specific areas. This buyer-centric advertising is a real benefit to sellers as the most difficult part of selling a home is finding enthusiastic, qualified buyers to the table.

How John Helps Arizona Biltmore Home Buyers

It might sound old fashioned to some, but John will knock on doors in a neighborhood where a buyer is interested to see if any of those homeowners might be willing to sell. John will also target mail into communities that his buyer is interested in. Sometimes finding homes before they are officially on the market makes a-lot of sense. Another way I work to help my buyers is by educating them regarding home values by pulling data from the MLS and other real estate information sources. 

After talking with the client about what they are looking for in a home the communities that fit will begin to stand out. For example, if someone wants a custom 5 bedroom estate home they would find options inside of the Arizona Biltmore area like Biltmore Mountain Estates, and Arizona Biltmore Estates. If someone is looking for a lock and leave townhome they might want to see Biltmore Greens or Fairway Lodge. Some people are ready to completely abandon their yard tools and would love Optima Biltmore Towers as a place to hang their hat.

About John’s Family Life & Personal Interests

John is married to Shawn and father to Kylee. He enjoys family times with his wife and daughter and loves getting together with his four brothers. John enjoys the outdoors, and loves working with his hands in his hobbies: fly-fishing and fly-tying. He loves sports of all kinds and likes to read. John also enjoys blogging and internet marketing. John enjoys his career as a Phoenix Real Estate Agent, and is available to help you with your next real estate transaction. Give him a call at (480) 442-3501. You can call him via Google Voice by clicking on the Contact Me button:


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